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Arya gilsonite co owns several mines and a powder factory in the Middle East .Arya is one of the leading suppliers in this field . so has been exporting quality Gilsonite for years . Successful presence in the international arena has made it credible and popular. As a result, it is pursuing a path of development day by day. Arya team is also in close contact with other miners . 

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The owner of the mine

  • Arya Gilsonite has several mines in Kermanshah / in the Middle East. So, it is able to produce and prepare 300 tons of Gilsonite per day. with enough experience in this field, powder the product according to customer’s order . then packs and sends it.


  • Arya has mines, quality control lab, a large depot , a powder plant and packaging


  • Arya team , with its specialized workforce, tries to offer high quality products. It also attracts customers for future collaborations with the right delivery program.


  • Arya is also trying to offer it at the best price.


  • Arya team , with its committed members, supports customers with its services.


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Drilling fluids additives

Gilsonite powder has been used for many years as one of the drilling fluid additives and provides a range of important benefits that are unmatched by any other single additive.


Gilsonite uses in foundry

The founders combine Gilsonite with sand and other materials. For this reason, the quality of the template doubles. In this case, the metal is easily separated from the mold. The surface of the mold is also smooth and clean


Gilsonite in Waterproofing membrane

Investors believe that Gilsonite is the best raw material for investment and profitability. One of its properties is its use as an Waterproofing membrane along with bitumen


Gilsonite Sealer | Gilsonite sealcoating

The results show that Gilsonite performs excellently as a natural antioxidant. so it can be a good reinforcement for asphalt.
Gilsonite sealer dries faster than other sealers. It stays black longer and also lasts longer.


Gilsonite modified Asphalt

The melting point of Gilsonite is about 180-205 degrees Celsius . gilsonite prevents the softening of asphalt, especially in the tropics. Natural asphalt is provided in the form of mass and powder. Therefore, it is very effective in beautifying asphalt.


Gilsonite paint production method

Investors believe that Gilsonite is the best raw material for high profitability. One of its properties is its use as a dye along with bitumen paint . Experts have been successfully testing Gilsonite paint for years

Consulting and ordering