After receiving the order, we transfer the samples to the laboratory for quality control and quality analysis (QAC100) . Then we send it to the customer after the test. After quality verification, the ordered Gilsonite value is transferred from the mine to the mill for processing. Then, according to the customer’s needs, we powder it to the desired mesh size.
After making Gilsonite powder, we pack it according to the customer’s request. As a result, after preparation, we transfer it to customs and deliver it after a certain period of time.
How long did it take from order to delivery?
please pay attention!
  • The quality control (QAC100) process takes two days
  • Most shipment time for loading to port two weeks
  • Five days for SGS
  • Five days for quantity inspections, SGS sealing and customs procedures
  • It takes up to 20-45 days for delivery to your destination port