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the Gilsonite applications are very diverse . In this article, we are going to explain about the Gilsonite uses . For more info on Gilsonite applications, you can follow more details on each of them .

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Gilsonite and road paving sector

Gilsonite applications in Asphalt and Road Paving Sector

The Gilsonite uses in the manufacture and modification of asphalt are very good . so Experts are now using Gilsonite as a reinforcing agent in asphalt mixtures . Specialists in developed countries have long used Gilsonite to build roads

Gilsonite sealer

Another Gilsonite uses is asphalt sealer . There are companies that use Gilsonite sealers to beautify and insulate roads. As a result, using Gilsonite to improve road quality is a cost-effective solution.

China, India, Turkey, UAE, Malaysia, etc. are our biggest buyers. They are well aware of the Gilsonite applications . Of course, the United States is a leader in this industry, and many factories use it.

For more info on Gilsonite applications you can follow more details on each of them .

Use it on highways and airports

Experts use Gilsonite in areas where heat, frost or heavy road traffic wear out . In developed countries, Gilsonite has recently been widely used in airports and highways.


Reduce the cost of asphalt repair and replacement by up to 60%

Compensation for designing poor mixes

Improves resistance to deformation

Increases road life

Increases its resistance to water

Reduce the risk of breakage at low and cold temperatures

Insulation of fittings and sidewalks

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Gilsonite drilling fluid

Gilsonite applications in Drilling Fluid Loss Control

Another Gilsonite applications in oil fields is as an additive in drilling . Gilsonite prevents damage to sensitive devices. It also reduces the problems of clogged pipes by forming a thin wall. Gilsonite applications in this area are so important that they reduce drilling heat . It also lubricates the drill. Drilling mud causes severe damage to wells and drilling operations .

These include pipe blockage, drilling wells, loss of drilling volume, loss of time and cost of $ 50,000 per day.


Gilsonite drilling mud

Engineers around the world are now using Gilsonite in oil-based gas systems . Digging deep wells The large cracks in the well reduce its resistance. This causes the well to collapse . One of the Gilsonite uses in this section is that adding it to oil well cements can reduce the weight of the slurry . It also makes it resistant . As a result, it seals cracks and fractures .

The Gilsonite applications in developed countries are diverse and lucrative. So it has to be introduced


It is used in sensitive areas

Prevents bullets or heavy soil compounds

Cleans the surface of the wells and removes sludge

Avoid damaging radial drilling parts


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gilsonite applications 
gilsonite paint

Gilsonite uses in paint

Another Gilsonite uses is its use with bitumen paints . The colors obtained from Gilsonite have many uses. Companies that produce these colors sell it at high prices . High levels of Gilsonite nitrogen make the surface viscous and resistant to UV light . One of the Gilsonite uses in this section is to create an excellent coating on a variety of types . These coatings are resistant to climate change, rust and corrosion.  So it is used as a car chassis paint and steel structure coating .

Paying attention to Gilsonite applications is a lucrative investment

To protect oil and gas pipes from corrosion

Gilsonite is used to insulate oil and gas pipelines. Gilsonite is used to insulate oil and gas pipes. Experts believe that the best and safest material to cover pipes is Gilsonite . That’s why one of the main Gilsonite uses is to use it in paint . Gilsonite uses are popular in the following insulations:
Wooden, cement, metal and …

Gilsonite is also used as a paint on metal roofs such as roofs of factories, poultry farms, warehouses. It is also used for painting boats and ships

The Gilsonite uses  in this section are very extensive . With more research, they can be further expanded.


It has excellent adhesion

Its viscosity is low

Prevents rust

It is durable

Reflects the sun’s rays

Protects the surface from UV rays


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gilsonite applications 
gilsonite ink

Gilsonite Applications in ink

Another Gilsonite uses is its use as a printer ink. Manufacturers use it as the best raw material for ink . It is also the cheapest raw material . Also to wood paintings, Gilsonite is also used as a dark brown color . With these descriptions, Gilsonite plays an important role in painting . The advantage of Gilsonite in this area is that the ink is more durable and spreads evenly .  So traders need to introduce it to make better use of Gilsonite. 

Benefits of Gilsonite uses in this section :

Distributes high quality paint

Preserves color against harmful light.

Suitable for higher viscosity inks

Increases ink distribution

gilsonite applications  gilsonite uses

Gilsonite uses in waterproofing

Gilsonite is the best material for mixing with bitumen and making roofing sheets. One of the Gilsonite uses in this field is that it makes the insulation quality and flexibility .

. It is also low in price. Gilsonite is primarily added to oil asphalt as an agent as a different weather resistant. Gilsonite is used to prevent aging or oxidation of the base asphalt . Asphalt makes the base flexible. It is also resistant to temperature. Currently,

roof insulation manufacturers use Gilsonite as a booster for their products. That’s why they are our customers.


is very impenetrable

It is lightweight and has high insulation

Using it will last


The Gilsonite applications in the industry are unknown. Traders should introduce it to producers

gilsonite applications  gilsonite casting

Gilsonite uses in casting

The founders combine Gilsonite with sand and other materials. For this reason, the quality of the template doubles. In this case, the metal is easily separated from the mold. The surface of the mold is also smooth and clean. They use Gilsonite as an additive or alternative to seawater. It is also used instead of other common gas additives in casting.

Gilsonite as fuel

One of the Gilsonite uses in this section is to add it as fuel. Gilsonite performs better than coal and is more resistant to heat. It produces less smoke and greenhouse gases when burned. Experts say Gilsonite’s performance is three times that of coal. Gilsonite improves the density and strength of sand. It also reduces the need for water. So Gilsonite can release gas faster than coal . When the molten material is poured, the gases released from Gilsonite form a gaseous film. These gases prevent direct contact of molten metal with coated sand grains.



  • Improves sand peeling from spillage
  • High bright carbon for better finish
  • Produces a softer and cleaner casting surface
  • Reduces defects due to rapid reaction
  • Three times more coal gas is produced to better release the mold
  • Reduced atmosphere for less reaction between mold and casting for less defect
  • Minimizes Gilsonite lesions


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gilsonite applications  gilsonite uses

Gilsonite applications in other factories

Gilsonite as a raw material in tires

makes the tire last and improve its quality . Tire producers use Gilsonite for more adhesion . Because Gilsonite has a high molecular weight . Tires become rich when recycled. For example, they are used in flooring and road improvement . If it is not possible to recycle them in some places, they will burn it. Importantly, Gilsonite produces less smoke and greenhouse gases when burned. producers use Gilsonite to make waxes and adhesives. In short, The uses of Gilsonite are very diverse. If researchers do more experiments on it, they will achieve amazing results.  Also, the use of Gilsonite is increasing day by day. If buyers introduce Gilsonite to different factories, then the producers make a lot of profit. They can improve their production and use this raw material .

Due to environmental improvements, Gilsonite applications are attracting a lot of attention

gilsonite applications  gilsonite uses

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