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In this article, you will get acquainted with Gilsonite or natural asphalt. For more details, please read other content on the Arya Gilsonite site .

People know bitumen by different names in the world. In the United States, for example, it is commonly called asphalt. As you know, bitumen is a dense hydrocarbon derived from oil.
Bitumen is black and sticky and comes in two forms:
  • Natural bitumen

  • Refined bitumen from crude oil in refineries

gilsonite natural asphalt

Natural bitumen :

When crude oil comes to the surface over millions of years , it appears as solid or semi-solid veins on the surface .

it exists in two forms in nature:

  • Lake bitumen ( such as Trinidad bitumen lake in American continent )
  • Mineral Bitumen or gilsonite ( located in the western mountains of Iran in Kermanshah )
gilsonite natural asphalt

what is gilsonite ?

gilsonite  or natural asphalt also known as  uintahite , asphaltum or asphaltite . it is a solid, black, and glossy material composed of large amounts of carbon and hydrogen .  with minor ratios of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen . Research has shown that natural asphalt is of better quality than other types of bitumen. It is also known as an amazing mineral due to its gilsonite uses .

gilsonite applications are so diverse that it has made this amazing mineral popular.

How is Gilsonite underground?

In the mines of the Middle East natural asphalt is found beneath the earth’s surface in the form of vertical veins . it is usually two meters to eight meters wide. These veins are also parallel and are usually elongated. These veins appear partially on the earth’s surface, which reaches the extraction stage after expertise and study. the greater the extraction, the more traces of Gilsonite appear, indicating that the area is rich in Gilsonite . It seems that natural asphalt streaks under the mountains be tens of kilometers in some areas.

The popularity of Gilsonite

As is clear  natural asphalt  is a popular raw material due to its many applications in industry. Every year, many investors around the world buy this important mineral and get a lot of products by processing it . Factory managers believe that Gilsonite has improved product performance. It can also be a better alternative fuel. that is also well adapted to the environment. Researchers have been studying the properties of natural asphalt in industry for several years . If they do more research on Gilsonite, they will discover more applications. Today, engineers use Gilsonite powder in ink and paint and control fluid in drilling.

History of gilsonite :

In the early 1860s, no one knew about natural asphalt and its applications. Until a man named Samuel H. Gilson discovered the product as an amazing substance and began to promote it . he believed that it is a good insulator for wooden wires and sidewalks. Because it prevents water from penetrating . that is environmentally friendly and washable for wooden sidewalks. His idea was a successful .  he and his partner finally formed the first company to extracting and selling natural asphalt on a large scale. So that everyone knew that as Gilsonite.

Chevron also embarked on a major breakthrough . They set up a company to explore more applications and find a global market for the product.

Where is Gilsonite found?

In some parts of the world you can find a few mines of Gilsonite . but generally originate from the states of Utah and Colorado in the United States and Kermanshah and Ilam in Iran.
Also, due to high demand for natural asphalt , it is widely extracted in the Middle East . that is makes Iranian Gilsonite affordable.

mines in a short distance and natural asphalt  is mined in the Zagros Mountains using the latest mechanical machinery.

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Natural asphalt rich mines in the Middle East

Studies have shown that natural bitumen Iran is one of the best types of natural asphalt in the world . it has also a much better performance than other regions. According to gilsonite‘s demand, Iran has been able to extract 100,000 tons annually and supply it to global markets.

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In some mines, natural asphalt can be found with 100% quality. This means that according to various experiments, the percentage of ash of that is zero to five percent. Of course, it depends on the type of application.
In some applications, 80% of the quality can be used.

collects and markets natural asphalt with the desired percentage with the necessary accuracy.
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Forms available in natural asphalt

In the global market, depending on the application, Gilsonite comes in many forms

It is available in granular form. Engineers use this type of fuel in industry and even use it as a raw material in some goods. It is also available as a micronized powder. Manufacturers use this type in industries such as paint or printer ink.

Arya gilsonite Co, With a factory near the mine, it supplies the ordered powder to the market in a short time.
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Characteristics of Gilsonite

its compatibility and solubility with the following substances are significant.


compatibility with vegetable oils such as linseed and soya .

natural asphalt is compatible with waxes and paraffin .

also natural asphalt is compatible with aromatic solvents and roses


According to experiments Gilsonite is soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents .


As you can see in the video, pure Gilsonite does not dissolve in alcohol, acetone or water.

Environmentally friendly

The melting point of natural asphalt is about 205 degrees Celsius . as a result can be a great alternative to other fuels . Especially in the foundry industry . Gilsonite produces less smoke and greenhouse gases than other fuels. It is better to use natural asphalt to protect the environment . Experiments have shown that Gilsonite is non-cancerous, non-mutagenic and non-toxic.

Summary of Gilsonite specifications

In general, natural asphalt has the following physical and chemical properties:

  • High fragility and comfortable conversion to dark brown powder
  • Black and hard material
  • High solubility in organic solvents
  • Brilliant
  • High level of nitrogen and carbon
  • Like glass minerals
  • High purity and compatibility
  • Melting temperature between 160 and 220 degrees Celsius
  • High level of asphaltene
gilsonite natural asphalt


1. Asphalt and Road Paving Sector
2. Drilling Fluid Loss Control
3. Use in the casting industry
4. Use for Ink
5. Use for colors
6. for roof isolation and insulation
7. Use for chemicals
8. for glue and tire manufacturing ,shoes wax , …
9. For insulation of oil and gas pipes and body of ships and …

Gilsonite is a product for investment

If we think about natural asphalt , we will understand how useful it  can be . it is so good that managers use it to produce several products. As a result, they sell the product at much higher prices around the world. If manufacturers do more research on natural asphalt, they will discover more benefits . In many countries, natural asphalt is unknown . By introducing it to the manufacturing sector, traders can make a lot of profit from this product . They can also represent that product in that country.

Investment in factory fuel

Manufacturers can increase production efficiency by replacing natural asphalt as factory fuel . Because natural asphalt burns more than other fuels and produces less smoke .

For example, in the casting industry, Gilsonite is the best choice for fuel.

Invest in road construction

In some areas, roads lose their standard shape due to cold or very hot weather as well as heavy traffic. In those areas, the roads wear out quickly. Companies in developed countries have used Gilsonite to build airports and highways. This makes the quality of their work very high . Research has shown that natural asphalt is more resistant to solar asphalt as well as snow and rain. Natural bitumen forms an impervious surface on roads.

The use of Gilsonite mixture ( gilsonite sealer ), also to the quality of performance, reduces costs . And that’s a great investment for road construction .

Investment with Gilsonite in the drilling industry

In drilling companies, Gilsonite deep wells are a necessary material.

Engineers have concluded that if they use natural asphalt, they will get better results.

Because natural asphalt is a fast-acting liquid control fluid in drilling.

It is also a material that is always available and has a low price.

Investing with Gilsonite in Bituminous WaterProping

In some roof insulation plants, Gilsonite was used along with other raw materials. They realized that using natural asphalt could increase durability and quality. They sell Gilsonite insulators at higher prices and are now a big fan of this valuable mineral.

Investing with Gilsonite in tire factories

Currently, some tire factories use natural asphalt . According to studies, the use of Gilsonite makes the tire last longer. So that its durability against the sun’s rays doubles and prevents it from rotting and tearing.

Investing with Gilsonite in the paint industry

It is an excellent and inexpensive raw material for the production of a variety of paints for insulating various metal and wood surfaces.

Such as metal roofs of warehouses and factories

external surfaces of ships

oil and gas pipes , etc.

This mineral is the best alternative to other substances.

With a little research, Mitten realized that it was also economically viable .

Currently, paint manufacturers use Gilsonite in insulating paints. They sell well all over the world and are our customers.

Excellent investment in printer ink and shoe wax production using Gilsonite

Finally, we would like to mention two of the most profitable uses of natural asphalt.

Its use in the production of shoe wax and printer ink.

printer ink

Many inkjet printers use high-cost raw materials. But this raw material can be the best alternative. Gilsonite, meanwhile, has a very low price tag. It also performs much better in terms of performance than other raw materials.

wax and polishing shoe

natural asphalt , as it turns out, is a cheap raw material. On the other hand, shoe wax has a high price . As you know, it is a glossy black material and can be a good raw material due to its powerful properties. It is natural that it improves the quality of the shoe wax and brings good profit.

Iran’s largest buyers of Gilsonite

the five largest buyers of Gilsonite in our mines, which import several thousand tons of natural asphalt annually:

  • China,
  • the United Arab Emirates
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Turkey

They are rebuilding urban and intercity roads and airports according to international standards. They also use Gilsonite in various industries.


Learn more about Gilsonite

Arya Gilsonite Co is one of the main suppliers of natural asphalt in the Middle East and the owner of several Gilsonite mines . in addition to traders, offers it directly to various factories.


You can read the detailed applications of natural asphalt and the details of its use in various industries


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