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The gilsonite price depends on many things, which we will discuss in detail below.




Gilsonite price are different everywhere in the world. In some seasons when mines are more active, we offer that at a lower price . But in some seasons, especially in winter, if it rains a lot, the rainwater fills the mines. In these cases, the market is facing a shortage. As a result,  price is higher. There are usually warehouses that we use to store Gilsonite . Sometimes large mines need more excavation and peeling. If the demand is high at that time, the price will be different . So season and demand are important factors in gilsonite price . It is best to buy Gilsonite customers from March to October. Gilsonite prices are low these months .


quality Percentage


Another factor in gilsonite price is its quality. In each of the mines there is a huge layer of natural asphalt . The percentage of quality of Gilsonite varies in layers . In some streaks, natural asphalt is 100% high quality. In general, the percentage of Gilsonite ash in Middle Eastern mines is from 0 to 25%. The best-selling type of natural asphalt is usually natural asphalt with 5% to 15% ash. Used for various purposes. Also, its price does not change much and is always available. In some applications, Gilsonite requires 0 to 5 percent ash. But the gilsonite price is more different.


Receipt time


Sometimes the demand is high and the time to receive the product is important for the customers. In this case, the activity of mines and factories will increase. As a result, that offers a relatively higher price.

The gilsonite price also depends on the time it takes to receive . if customers want to receive the goods earlier, the gilsonite price will be higher. We have to increase our work to meet the needs of that customer.




Another factor influencing gilsonite price is its size. In some cases where buyers use it as a lump , the price will usually be lower . In some cases, the demand for Gilsonite is in the form of granules, which will be relatively higher. There are many gilsonite uses that need powder . as a result the gilsonite price will change depending on the mesh size of the powder.




Another important factor in gilsonite price is the type of packaging. Satisfactory packaging is done according to the customer’s needs. Some customers demand jumbobags, which are relatively cheaper. But for some customers, packaging is very important to them, and for them we use multi-layer 25 kg bags. The gilsonite price is relatively higher due to that packaging.




Also, one of the important factors that affect the gilsonite price is the services we offer . These services include transportation, receipt, and product insurance. It also depends on the type of insurance . Some of our customers want to receive the goods at the factory door . in this case We deduct the cost of shipping, insurance and other services from Gilsonite. But the buyer must accept all the risks involved in transporting the goods . Some customers want to get the product on the ship, which will change the gilsonite price . Or some customers want goods in their country. We have provided this service for them to receive the goods safely and without any hassle. We also guarantee the goods with the best type of insurance. The natural asphalt price also varies according to these services.




Another factor influencing the gilsonite price is the type of customer payment. If customers pay the full amount first, the gilsonite price will be very cheap for them. Arya Gilsonite has made it possible for customers to:


if  First pay 70% of the amount and then pay another 30%, in which case natural asphalt has a certain price.


They pay 60% of the amount and after sending, they also pay the remaining 40%, where we offer the gilsonite price .


if First pay 50% of the amount and then pay another 50%, in which case natural asphalt has a certain price.


They pay 40% of the amount and after sending, they also pay the remaining 60%, where we offer the certain price .


if First pay 35% of the amount and then pay another 65%, in which case natural asphalt has a certain price.




Gilsonite prices vary from country to country. In some countries, sellers offer that at a higher price, and in some countries at a lower price. The gilsonite price depends on its type in different regions . the natural asphalt prices in the United States is different from the prices in Iran . But in general, the gilsonite price is lower in countries where there are mines. Some countries buy natural asphalt and sell it at a higher price after changes. Some countries even sell the same Gilsonite they buy through stronger marketing. But production and its source are in the Middle East . where price is lower than elsewhere.


domestic factories


Another factor that affects the price of exported natural asphalt is its domestic demand. Sometimes domestic factories are in dire need of Gilsonite. As a result, governments are forced to look after domestic factories. In general, the mines have always been active in the few years we have worked in this field. So the company has extracted a lot of Gilsonite. Also, the gilsonite price in the Middle East has been such that it has satisfied the export customers.


Arya Gilsonite


Arya Gilsonite co has several mines in Iran. It has a factory for Gilsonite powder and packaging at international standards . We also have a natural asphalt quality control laboratory at international standards. we have been mining and exporting Gilsonite to various countries for several years.. Even companies that sell Gilsonite in different countries buy from us. However, we are Gilsonite’s main source in the Middle East. As a result, we consider the gilsonite price at the lowest level and offer it to different countries. It is natural that the gilsonite price in our company is a reasonable .


Price list


In a price list, we offer you natural asphalt , which is valid for 7 days.


Gilsonite price include the following:


We offer customers high quality Gilsonite with 0 to 25% ash percentage.


Based on customer needs we are able to powder Gilsonite in 30 to 400 mesh diameters .


Based on customer needs the following types of packaging are available:


  1. 25kg Laminated Bags
  1. 25kg Multilayer Paper Bags
  1. 25 kg multilayer sack
  1. 1 ton new Jumboobag

the above products are available in packaged straps, depending on the customer’s needs.




We have always been able to meet their needs in the best possible way. We also have a lot of friends and customers in different countries and we are always in touch with them.


Contact us to find out the gilsonite price to guide you.