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In this article , we’re going to talk about Gilsonite sealer and Gilsonite sealcoating . but before that we need to know what Gilsonite is.


Gilsonite is a solid black and shiny mineral. This natural asphalt is composed of the following compounds

Carbon and hydrogen

With slight proportions of nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen

Gilsonite sealer is made of a valuable mineral

Crude oil reaches the surface after millions of years of being refined on Earth . So we can see it as black spots on the earth’s surface. On each of these huge veins are the mines from which the miners extract . Gilsonite mines exist in some parts of the world . but its main source is in Iran , also the states of Utah and Colorado in the United States . Iran has been able to supply many countries with this mineral.



Gilsonite sealer and Gilsonite sealcoating:


Gilsonite has many uses after processing. One of  gilsonite applications is its use as an asphalt sealer, which we will discuss below.

The results show that Gilsonite performs excellently as a natural antioxidant. so it can be a good reinforcement for asphalt.

Gilsonite sealer dries faster than other sealers. It stays black longer and also lasts longer.

Gilsonite’s strong bonding and strong adhesive properties make it an excellent waterproof sealant. That is why it is very suitable for roads and sidewalks .

Gilsonite sealer is a solvent-based sealer. That’s why it softens the top layers of old asphalt. So, it allows new asphalt connections to be mixed with it . Gilsonite coating removes and replaces the oxidized layer of old asphalt. The result is what you want from a road seal. If you have new asphalt that is of good quality, you should use it. Because it does not damage the climate and the sun’s rays. Also stay the same. It is also very suitable for repairing old, cracked and oxidized asphalt.


Use of Gilsonite sealer on residential routes


In general, Gilsonite sealer is suitable for residential paths, parks, parking lots . Gilsonite’s sealer rejuvenates the asphalt, which is a great alternative to re-asphalting. An affordable alternative that also reduces energy consumption. Gilsonite sealant protects the road against frost and changes the climate. Gilsonite sealant completely covers small and large cracks in the surface. So, it makes a beautiful and elegant surface on the asphalt.

the Gilsonite sealer is an excellent insulator for road protection. Also, Gilsonite sealer is a great experience in beautifying the surrounding environment .

After a few days, you will see a black, shiny, velvety surface as well as a solid road. Because Gilsonite is a natural mineral derived from nature. A substance that is completely . Gilsonite sealer is environmentally friendly. That’s why we need to appreciate it.


asphalt sealcoating
gilsonite sealcoating

Use Gilsonite at airports and highways


Research shows that most airports and highways are oxidized after a few years. This road oxidation damages plane and passing vehicles. Using Gilsonite to repair and pave roads is a strategy used by experts in the field. It creates a smooth, even layer on the road. As a result, asphalt paves the road for rejuvenation as well as high traffic and heavy vehicles.

Gilsonite sealer keeps asphalt strong for several years. As a result, it reduces construction, maintenance, time and energy costs.


Gilsonite sealer production formula


Asphalt oil-based sealer is ready to use. Usually the mixture used to make Gilsonite sealer includes the following :

refined bitumen ( processed oil ),

gilsonite (natural bitumen)

also mineral sprites .

This unique formula penetrates the top layers of asphalt. As a result, asphalt always stays young. This special formula is prepared with Gilsonite as the main ingredient. These unique properties actually enhance refined bitumen . this mineral has become a very popular additive in many road construction projects.


Tips for using Gilsonite sealer


For better performance, Gilsonite should not rain on it until it is completely dry. Approximately each gallon of sealergelsonite covers an area of ​​8 to 100 square feet. The surface must be clean and dry to use the Guilsonite sealer.

To make it cleaner, you need to clean the surface with a broom. Before using Gilsonite sealer, you need to fill larger cracks with another sealer. Gilsonite sealer can be used after filling larger cracks. The drying of Gilsonite sealcoating depends on the :

temperature , humidity of the environment as well as the thickness of the layer.

But it usually dries in up to 24 hours. It is best to use it at temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best results. But it can also be used at lower temperatures. Gilsonite sealer has a higher viscosity at lower temperatures. As a result, it moves slower or thicker. When heating the Guilsonite sealer, avoid the open heating system. Because a product is flammable.



Gilsonite sealer for investment

gilsonite for sale

Manufacturers sell Gilsonite sealers widely in global markets every year. Gilsonite’s sealer manufacturing companies are growing day by day . Because Gilsonite is an inexpensive natural raw material and is always available. It is also completely environmentally friendly. So it’s a great investment for manufacturers and they make a lot of money. The use of Gilsonite sealer is very common in the United States. They use it to build urban roads, airports and highways . Because one of the poles of Gilsonite extraction is located there. That’s why many factories are active in the production of Guilsonite sealers. Also, the use of Guilsonite sealer in the space around houses and parks has created a beautiful space.

New producers of Guilsonite sealers

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dear Gilsonite suppliers in different countries! gilsonite sealer producers ! contractors and road builders!

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