modified Bitumen with Gilsonite in Waterproofing membrane


As you know, Gilsonite is an oil-based hydrocarbon. A glossy black mineral that reaches the earth’s surface over millions of years. After extraction, they use it in various ways. It is a very useful mineral that has improved performance in many industries. An environmentally friendly mineral that is always available and cheap .



Investors believe that Gilsonite is the best raw material for investment and profitability. One of its properties is its use as an Waterproofing membrane along with bitumen . the use of Gilsonite in the Waterproofing membrane has been tested for many years . Waterproofing membrane manufacturers benefit greatly from this cheap raw material. . Gilsonite is used to increase strength and adhesion along with bitumen.

Gilsonite protects the roofs from harmful rays such as UV rays. Because it has a high amount of nitrogen . An interesting feature of Gilsonite is that it is also resistant to acids and weak alkalis.


modified bitumen.Improving the properties of pure bitumen has attracted the attention of many researchers. In this study, researchers examined the effect of Gilsonite on the rheological properties of pure bitumen.

They used different percentages of Gilsonite powder to correct 60/70 pure bitumen.

In this study, they tested the viscosity, softening point, degree of permeability and degree of flammability.

The thermal sensitivity of the bitumens was also calculated.



1.Gilsonite Powder reduces the degree of penetration of pure bitumen by 60/70.

2.Gilsonite Natural Bitumen Powder increases the softening point of 60/70 pure bitumen.

3.Gilsonite Natural Bitumen Powder increases the viscosity of pure bitumen by 60/70.

4.Gilsonite powder increases the thermal sensitivity index of pure bitumen 60/70.

5.Natural bitumen powder does not affect the degree of ignition of pure bitumen 70/60.



Click on the link below to find out more about Gilsonite modified bitumen :

(Investigating the Rheological Specifications of modified Bitumen with Gilsonite)

Increase the softening point of asphalt with gilsonite

Waterproofing membrane


In the past, many manufacturers of Waterproofing membrane used only refinery bitumen. Refinery bitumen, also to its advantages, also had a high price. They turned out to be valuable.

Gilsonite can be a very cheap option alongside refinery bitumen. It also greatly

improves the performance of the Waterproofing membrane .


How it is produced ?


Gilsonite is used to prevent aging or oxidation of base bitumen. It also makes it flexible.

Manufacturers improve product performance by mixing Gilsonite , calcium carbonate , bitumen , traction-enhancing oils

and other additives . These compounds make up the composite. It also increases the thermal resistance of Waterproofing membrane . As a result, it creates a stable and homogeneous coating . It also creates a stable and homogeneous coating.


Gilsonite uses in Waterproofing membrane

Advantages of using Gilsonite in Waterproofing membrane


  • Increased shear strength
  • Increased resistance to layer movement
  • Flexibility is maintained at low temperatures
  • Reduce the tendency of Waterproofing membrane to move
  • suitable for sloping surfaces
  • Reduce lubrication at high temperatures
  • Cost-effectiveness and cost reduction
  • It is very impenetrable
  • It is light and has high insulation
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Odorless
  • Eco-friendly

These are the reasons why more manufacturers are using this valuable mineral. Many Waterproofing membrane manufacturers in the Middle East are now our customers.




Gilsonite uses in Waterproofing membrane

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